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Upper Genesse River

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The Genesee River starts in Pennsylvania and flows northerly entering New York in Allegany County. It flows for over 40 miles, passing through the Villages of Wellsville and Belmont. Access is plentiful, with nearly 18 miles of public fishing easements, including a 2.5 mile section near Shongo, where only catch and release fishing is permitted. There are also public fishing platforms located on the river in the Village of Wellsville, at Island Park, and at the Belmont Dam.

The Genesee River is a very popular trout destination, which is stocked extensively from Belmont Dam upstream to the Pennsylvania border. Each spring the DEC stocks over 20,000 yearling brown trout and 6,000 yearling rainbow trout. Additionally, the Genesee is also stocked with 2,300 two-year-old brown trout that average 14 inches long.