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Davidson River

The catch and release regulated section of the Davidson River is known as one of the top fly fishing rivers on the east coast. This is due to its excellent population of large trout and regularly occurring hatches throughout the year. There is a wide variety of aquatic insects available at all times. The browns, rainbows, and brook trout all take advantage of this plethora of food. The Davidson is a small, freestone stream with sections of fast riffle water, pools, deep pockets, and glassy flat water. Be warned though, due to it's smaller size and heavy angling pressure, the fish here are extremely educated. These finicky fish are difficult to fool, and anglers must be proficient at sight fishing with tiny midges and nymphs on the lightest of tippet. The average fish here is 10 to 16 inches long, but it is not uncommon for anglers to see and sight fish to trout that range in size from 20 to 30 inches. No joke! Productive patterns include zebra midges, disco midges, san juan worms, and RS2's to name a few. Anglers should also have a few big streamer patterns in order to entice the biggest of the Davidson's residents.

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