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Spring Creek

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Spring Creek is located in Central Pennsylvania. It is a large, limestone spring creek that runs thru Centre County and attracts fly fisherman from all over the world. Back in the day before the stocking of brown trout, it was known as a tremendous Brook Trout fishery. Now it's known for it's large browns and diverse insect hatches. This stream was also one of the first to use special fishing regulations, and today it is now regulated by the guidelines of the Heritage Trout Angling program.

Unfortunately, during the mid 1950's, Spring Creek was heavily polluted by numerous sewage, chemical and gasoline spills. By the late 50's, most of the insect hatches were gone. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission then stopped stocking the creek in 1981, and even designated the entire stream as a No-Kill zone. This was out of concern for human health and safety. Believe it or not, from all the heavy amounts of pollution that occured during the past, Spring Creek still has water quality problems and remains a No-Kill zone. It's amazing though, even with its current water quality problems, this creek has made a tremendous comeback with large amounts of reproducing wild brown trout. The fish here average 12-14 inches, with an occasional 20 incher being caught. The larger fish are usually found near the hatcheries of Fisherman's Paradise and Bennar Springs.

In it's upper reaches, Spring Creek is a small stream that widens to only about 15 feet, and is heavily posted with no trespassing signs. Continuing on from Oak Hall, and past Route 26 to Houserville, fishing access becomes a little easier. Here you will find good hatches of Olives, Sulphurs, and Tricos. The flow from the Houserville area to the upper portion of Fisherman's Paradise, has experienced most of the chemical spills and therefore has the lowest population of trout on the stream. Access to this area of the creek is not as easy as others, so it receives the least amount of fishing pressure. There are additional springs that flow into Spring Creek near the Benner Hatchery, and improve the fishing throughout Fisherman's Paradise area. These springs provide blasts of cool water and help to rejuvinate the insect population. From here down to the junction with Bald Eagle Creek at Milesburg, Spring Creek runs past businesses, houses, patchy tree and wooded areas. Here, you'll find some posted sections and an exhibition area that is closed to trout fishing in Bellefonte. Two really productive limestone tributaries add cold water to Spring Creek near Bellefonte. Logan Branch is one of them and is a very important addition. This tributary contains a good popultion of trout and helps  maintain good fishing in Spring Creek down to where it joins up with Bald Eagle Creek.

Despite all of it's past problems, the fishing is getting better here each and every year. While it may not be as popular as it was in the past, we still consider it one of the best fly fishing creeks in PA. Give it a try, and you'll see why!