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Big Horn

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Here is what one of our customers Deborah wrote about the Big Horn River:

What's Your Favorite Color????

The Big Horn River out of Thermopolis, Wyoming, begins and the Wind River ends at the "Wedding of the Waters" which is the launch ramp just South of Thermopolis. This River is considered a common tail water controlled by the Boysen Reservoir and is utilized by the surrounding farmland for irrigation. This river is said to have as many as 2400 trout per mile and I can believe it. It is a natural hatchery and boasts trophy winning world renown Browns, Rainbows, and Cutthroats averaging between 16" - 22". In the area, there are many guides and shuttle services available for your River needs. The area is also known for it's abundance of natural hot springs. Just a reference of time, we would generally put our boat in at The Wedding of the Waters around 9am, and our shuttle would drop our truck down at the Hot Springs State Park which I believe is about 8 miles and I would fish ALL day and we would pull out around 5'ish, so it's a good full day of fishing. We have fished beyond the State Park but personally I think the best bang for your buck is before the Hot Springs.

My husband and I retired 2 years ago and while visiting Cody Wyoming last year, we decided to try our luck Fly Fishing. We did a full day float on the Big Horn River out of Thermopolis. Needless to say we were literally HOOKED!!! Before we purchased our own rig we took numerous floats with other guides on various rivers like: The Big Horn out of Fort Smith, the Yellowstone, and the North Platte. All of these Rivers are considered "Blue Ribbon River's" for Fly Fishing...and they are, but we continued to return to Thermopolis this year to what I call the "River of Plenty". I reference Fly Fishing as a true skill and technique, it isn't bait casting that's for sure. Fortunately I have caught on pretty fast and with the right guidance and equipment and do-diligence it pays off. Although many days you will hear me laugh and say after I just stripped in a fish my personal motto "it's better to be lucky than good", because my husband is giving me such grief that I have just landed a fish caught in the eye, or Caudal (tail fin), cheek or my the Anus, yes really and not once but multiple fish multiple times !!! Hey I can make ya laugh that's for sure. We use a hopper dropper set up which is common and extremely effective when nymph fishing. I am telling you when I can catch and land on an average of 15 to my best day of 30 that's a great river to "catch and release" on. We generally fish of the banks, in the riffle water and even deep pools, and have been successful in all those areas day after day after day. I have not become proficient enough with streamers, I just got a second spool for my reel to set up for sink line streamer fishing and I understand the "Big Daddy's are down under there on the Big Horn River out of Thermopolis Wyoming, and guess what...WE WILL BE BACK !!!