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Salt River Fly Fishing

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The Salt River flows out of the Salt River Range in the western part of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There’s a great population of brown and cutthroat trout to satisfy your fly fishing appetite. What makes the Salt River a great fly fishing destination is the amount of public access it has. The Salt is also a great beginner stream with plenty of room for your back-cast, along with plenty of willing trout to boost your confidence. The Salt is one the first rivers to clear from winter snow melt, so fishing can start as early as mid June. The Salt River has some great Caddis hatches that typically peak by mid summer. July ushers in typical summer weather and the popular hatches that go with it, such as Pale Morning Duns and Grey Drakes. By the time August and September rolls around, fishing hoppers and big dry attractors with beadheaded nymphs hanging below them are the norm for the Salt. Cutthroat love to hit these big bushy dries. Don’t forget to fish the deeper water of the Salt as well, streamers and nymphs will bring up plenty of fish when the surface activity slows. Since the Salt doesn’t receive the angling pressure of the other streams in the area, this makes it a great place for a first time trip. Keep this river high on your list of places to fish, you won't be disappointed.