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The Snake River

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The Snake River starts in the southern part of Yellowstone National Park and quickly grows in size while entering Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. One of the most popular places to fish the Snake is below the Dam at Jackson Lake. The River travels through Jackson Hole valley some 80 miles to Palisades Reservoir. The 80 Mile stretch is home to the famous Snake River Fine-spotted Cutthroat and a small population of feisty brown trout.  Because of the rivers elevation, it is best fished in the spring before run-off, then again from mid summer into late fall. The Snake is one of the best known Stonefly and terrestrial rivers you can find anywhere in the US. Even without a real hatch occurring, fishing a foam hopper or some big foam sandwich fly like a Chernobyl Ant and drop a nymph off the bend and you’ll stay hooked up.