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The Sage X-Series Rod

sage x series fly fishing rod review


SAGE X Series

The genius rod building minds at SAGE, have released a new flag ship series of rods to replace the legendary One series.  These rods took on a tall task of replacing a rod held dear to anglers everywhere.  The result is one of the lightest feeling, best casting, all around best performing rods we have ever laid our angling eyes on, yet alone ever had the joy of flailing the water with.  Not to mention, cosmetically, these rods are more alluring than 1990s Pamela Anderson in a red one piece.

Alright, so here is the technology, none of which I really understand, but man it not only sounds good, but it translates to better performance on the water.  The X series is built with the SAGE exclusive KONNETIC HD technology.  What KONNETIC HD does is optimize fiber to fiber energy transfer throughout the entire blank, which delivers easy loading, quick recovering, tight tracking, precision casting, and better feeling fly delivery machines.  Incorporating this high energy transferring material has essentially allowed SAGE to build all new construction techniques, tapers, and action profiles that were not obtainable with the One series.  The strength-to-weight as well as stiffness-to-weight ratio has been optimized for each individual rod within the series.  All this was made available with SAGE exclusive partnerships, one of which would be Boeing, which likely spends more on R&D then the GDP of the fly fishing world. The end result of this is proprietary technology and relationships are an optimized blank fiber positioning, all of which are aligned to enhance your angling performance on the water.

Ascetically, these rods have curb appeal.  They have a Black Spruce Blank finish, Dark Gray with Metallic trim thread wraps, full ceramic stripping guides, laser etched line weights on the reel band, and each rod is built by hand in Washington state.  They incorporate all this into a rod that retails for a mere $895, a bargain to the consumer, as long as the family is willing to consume canned Spam and green beans for a month or two, plus most land lords provide a 5 day grace period for rent, we checked.

On the water the ability of these rods to track and throw tight loops is unmatched.  What’s more is for such a fast action, tight loop throwing machine, these rods will still deliver with precision and ease in close.  Casting in close is no problem, neither is throwing on a tandem 6” streamer to the far bank hoping to knock a predator on the head.  These rods literally do it all, and with ease.  They will enhance any angler’s game, even mine.  To boot, upon release the X Series one Best of Show at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Expo in Amsterdam.  These are the guys that were catching Carp long before we ever noticed their angling attributes.  Bottom line is, they know what they are talking about, and this rod is that good!

The SAGE X Series is due to debut August 1st.  Odds are these rods will be hard to come by, preorders are being accepted now, for immediate delivery upon release.  Phone the land lord, shop on a budget, and kick your casting game up to the level it deserves, not where it has been, we will have your rod ready for you.  Buy the Sage X-Series Rod here