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Sage Bolt Fly Rod Review

SAGE BOLT REVIEW Another new addition to the SAGE line for 2016 is the Bolt. Built as an ultra-fast action rod, this rod will generate high line speed, the tightest loops your casting stoke allows, and immediate recovery. These are built for the anglers that demand the ultimate in performance and precision. From throwing large streamers to the far bank or pitching a Crazy Charlie on the windiest of flats, these rods are the pinnacle of performance. The Bolt is built with SAGE’s proprietary Generation 5 technology. Generation 5 blank technology features a graphite hoop combined with minimal glass scrim. The end result is a lighter, more responsive, and livelier rod blank with a narrower shaft. What this translates to as far as rod performance is much better feel throughout the rod, allowing the angler to feel the rod load, for optimal line control. Casting this rod will stroke your ego for your long game. These rods will easily increase your normal casting distance and allow you to push your limits farther than you thought possible. This rod can punch a streamer through even the strongest of winds. Another advantage of an ultra-fast action rod is it responds immediately to angler input. Nymphing with this rod is yet another ideal application. A quick flick of the wrist, and the hook is immediately set, translating to less delay and more hook-ups. For anglers that have been on the SAGE bus for a few years, these rods remind me of a modern version of the classic TCR series. The TCR was my old “go-to” for the majority of my guiding career, and this modern variant supersedes my expectations. Some of the other features of the Bolt include: Salmonfly blank color with orange and black guide wraps, fuji ceramic stripping guides, hard chromed snake guides as well as tip-top, black rod bag with Salmonfly logo and model tag, and a black ballistic nylon rod with a divided liner. The all new Bolt is another great addition to the SAGE line-up. In the modern angling crowd fast action rods seem to rein supreme and this rod is sitting at the top. The SAGE Bolt is designed, built, and enjoyed by the most demanding of anglers under the most demanding of conditions. This rod is for those that require the outmost in performance.  Buy a Sage Bolt here.