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Sage Mod Fly Rod

SAGE MOD REVIEW New for the 2016 Season SAGE has recently introduced the all New Mod Series of fly rods. A nod to the name these rods are built with a modern, moderate action. With fast action rods being the craze of late, a nice mid action rod is the optimal action for a vast array of trout fishing applications. These rods are specifically built with the short to mid-range casting conditions in mind, which just so happens to be the key range for most streams and rivers. In hand these rods are lightweight, as anyone expects a Sage to feel. They are also built using Sage’s proprietary Konnetic Technology. Konnetic Technology allows fly rods to be designed with a modulus positioning system that allows the carbon fibers to be aligned to exact tolerances. In English, this loosely translates to an extremely lightweight, slim rod blank with superior strength and sensitivity. End result of all this equates to effortless and accurate casting. Casting these rods is a joy for the close game. Anglers more accustomed to their fast action counterparts, will quickly understand the advantageous of the Mod. In close it takes very minimal line to get the rod loaded and to starting feeling the rod getting to work. At moderate distances the rod is even more enjoyable. To anglers that have been around the SAGE block a time or two, including myself, I would relate this rod to the classic LL series. Many SAGE addicts have a soft spot for these old school moderate action rods, and although slighter crisper in feel, the Mod series will have you reliving memories of your SAGE roots. Some of the other shiny bells and whistles of the MOD series include: a sexy Jade color blank with yellow-green and black thread wraps, ceramic stripper guides, hard chromed snake guides, Zebra wood and black aluminum reel seat, a Super Plus snub-nose, half-wells cork handle, as well as a cloth bag and powder coated aluminum rod tube. The Mod series is also available in 2 thru 6 weights, all of which are ideal for various trout fishing applications. The all new SAGE Mod is another extremely welcome addition to the award winning SAGE line up. In a day of ultra-fast actions, and front heavy fly lines, it is nice to grab a rod with some true “feel.” The SAGE Mod is an amazing rod that deserves spot in the quiver for anglers looking for an extremely capable rod built to exact specifications for the majority of trout fishing any angler will encounter. The rod design team at SAGE has yet again out done themselves. Buy a Sage Mod here and a Sage Mod Spey here