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Introduction to Fly Fishing Class

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The Fly Stop is happy to introduce an Introduction to Fly Fishing course to set you on the right path down this long road of memories and awesome experiences with Fly Fishing. This is designed to help the first time fly fisherman to get started, or for people who just want to brush up on their technique. Our goal is so you have the tools and understanding to either advance or get started on the journey you have set out for, Fly Fishing.


This 2 hour course is packed with one on one instruction and is meant to meet your needs. Each class may not be the same because we want to teach you your specific needs to excel further in Fly Fishing. All classes are limited to 2 people so we can focus on you and not a group of people. Instructions can include everything from: Getting basic knowledge in the Fly Rod, Reel, Line, Leaders and Tippet along with learning knots, and  of course the main objective is teaching you how to cast a Fly Rod. We are here to cater to your needs and help you in whatever way needed to help you get started. 


The Introduction to Fly Fishing Class will go through learning the overhead cast on a single handed fly rod. Most classes are conducted with a 9’ 5wt fly rod which is a great learning platform to start on. You will learn proper technique and instruction in forming a cast so you will be ready and able to go fly fishing on your own. We will also cover the Roll Cast as well so you come out learning more than one way to deliver your fly. This class is done on the grass at a local park,  yes no water involved, so we can focus on proper casting with no distractions of water. This is a private class conducted one on one for maximum attention to make sure you get the most out of your experience. The main objective is to get you started in the right direction so your adventures ahead will be full of good experiences and not frustration. A little instruction can go a long way in the sport of Fly Fishing, especially in the beginning stages. We are looking forward to helping you learn and guide you in the right direction in how to get your start in the amazing world of Fly Fishing. 


This class is available Tuesday thru Sunday and is done in the morning hours from 8-10am. All classes are by private appointment and can be even arranged to meet you at your own residence as well. Rates will apply for gas mileage at private residence.




All classes are by appointment: Call 858-500-2761 or Email:


  • 1 person -  $85 for 2 hours

  • 2 people -  $130 for 2 hours

  • Private location additional charge