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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Fly Fishing Largemouth and Striped Bass in San Diego

Guide Trip: Largemouth and Striped Bass


San Diego has a great tradition of all types of fishing, including one of the nations largest tuna fisheries, over the past one hundred years. While most associate fishing here with off-shore deep sea action, San Diego has a freshwater system of lakes that can be a fly fishermans dream. Although trout can be had during the right time of year, largemouth bass is the true hero, while carp plays Robin to bass's Batman. Witness the recent record-setting (and controversial) catch of a 25.1 pound behemoth recently hooked at Dixon Lake. Or better yet, take a look at the list of the Top 25 biggest bass ever caught, and notice where they came from. That's right, 20 of the Top 25 have been right here in Southern California. With that being said, don't think for a minute that this makes bass fishing out here easy. This isn't your grandfather's favorite pond from back East. These fish here are among some of the most educated bass in the world. Sort of like rainbow trout in any tailwater of the Rocky Mountains. With big bass though, comes large numbers of anglers who fish for them. Most of whom are from the conventional (gear) fishing realm. But that's what can give the fly fisherman the upper hand in these lakes. We can present poppers, crayfish, and baitfish patterns, in ways that conventional fisherman can not. We can also easily control the depths at which we fish, simply by using different fly lines and leader lengths. From floaters to fast sinking shooting heads, all of these lines can play a major role in feeding lunker bass out on our local lakes. They also go a long way too, towards out fishing your gear chucking buddy. 

Most trips for Largemouth Bass will be at Otay, San Vincente or Skinner.

Striped Bass trip will be at Skinner Lake


Half Day (5 Hours) $450

Full Day (8 hours)  $600

*Prices are set for one to two anglers

*$200 Deposit is required to secure you day

What We Provide

-17 ½ foot East Cape Caimen Flats Boat

-Or 18 foot Parker Center Console

-Cooler with plenty of ice and water

-6 to 10 wt gear with sinking and floating lines

-Leader, tippet and flies


What You Will Need

-Fishing License

-Lunch or snacks

-Hat and polarized sunglasses (Amber or Brown Lens)

-Light rain jacket and pants

-Clothes for weather from 40 to 100 degrees

-Please no hard-black soled shoes


Please call at 858-500-2761 or email at for availability or more information

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