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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!
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Southern California Mako Shark Fly Fishing Guide Services

Guide Trip: Shark

Have you ever caught a 300lb trout.....I think not


Welcome to alpha dog fly fishing, the Mako Shark. This is truly one of the biggest baddest trophy fishing experience that's out there.


Fortunately for us, the Southern California waters of San Diego is one of three known rookeries for Mako Shark in the world. The deep water shelfs and canyons offshore bring trophy sharks and thousands of anglers each year to our small corner of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. These furious fighters and apex predators are the at the top of the evolutionary ladder when it comes to speed. Depending on your source the the third fastest animal in the water; beaten only by wahoo and marlin. Capable of jumping 15 feet in the air, the acrobatics of a "fish on" while drop your jaw.


Prime fishing for Mako typically spans the summer monthsMid-May through October—,but varies with the water temperatures. While San Diego has a thriving commercial fishery, we strongly encourage catch and release only fishing for these species in this delicate ecosystem.


Half Day (5 hours)             $575

Full Day (8 Hours)             $800

Extended Day (11 hours)  $1,000

*all trip prices are set for one to three anglers

*$200 Deposit is required to secure you day

What We Provide

-23 foot Parker SE w/ 200 hp Yamaha 4-Stroke engine
-Cooler with plenty of ice and water
-7 to 16 wt gear with floating lines
-Leader, tippet and flies
-Chum to attract the sharks

What You Will Need

-Fishing License
-Lunch or snacks
-Hat and polarized sunglasses (Amber or Brown Lens)
-Light rain jacket and pants
-Clothes for weather from 40 to 100 degrees
-Please no hard-black soled shoes

 Please call ahead of time at 858-500-2761 or email at for availability or more information



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