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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

San Diego Surf Fly Fishing Trip

Guide Trip: Surf

All along the coast of Southern California exists one the most product and easy to access fisheries around, the surf. San Diego has some of the more productive surf fisheries in California. From mid-summer sight fishing for Corbina, to pulling big clouser’s for Halibut and even an occasional Striped Bass. But for how good fly fishing the surf can be a lot of people struggle with catching fish. And if your one of them don’t worry, lots of anglers have a hard time in the surf. There’s hundreds of miles of fishable water and trying to read the surf can be like reading a foreign language. But that’s were one of our guides will help you with that learning curve.


Most of the year we are blind casting 6 or 7 weight with sinking fly lines in the troughs, holes and rip currents. When blind casting we are targeting Halibut, Surf Perch, Yellowfin Croaker, Spotfin Croaker, Leopard Sharks and Corbina. Every cast that you make is a guessing game of what you will catch, will it be an 8” Surf Perch or a 30” Halibut. But when the day get warmer and summer time hits we get a chance to sight fish for the elusive Corbina.


Sight fishing Corbina has to be our personal favorite way of fishing the surf. These fish will nearly beach themselves in search of their next meal, so if your waded in past your ankle then you’ve gone out too far. The real key is to read the tide and swell to make sure you can place your fly in the right area as the Corbina comes up to feed.


Short Session (3 hours)     $225

Each Additional Angler      $25

Half Day (5 Hours)             $350

Each additional angler       $50

*all trip prices are set for one angler with additional charge more anglers

*$200 Deposit is required to secure you day

What We Provide

-All rods, reels and gear
-Leader, tippet and flies
-Stripping Basket

What You Will Need

-Fishing License
-Lunch or snacks
-Hat and polarized sunglasses
-Wader and boots (Winter), Board Shorts (Summer)

Please call ahead of time at 858-500-2761 or email at for availability or more information

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Surf Fishing San Diego