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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Walk and wade fly fishing trips around Mission Bay

Guide Trip: Walk and Wade

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Most people that come to San Diego thing of Mako Shark,  Largemouth Bass and the surf. But forget about some of the best fishing that nobody thinks to fish, and that place is Mission Bay. Yet most people will say that there’s no fish in there but they are so wrong. Mission Bay has to be best fishery with the easiest access. Over 70% of Mission Bay is accessible to the angler. Even better than the access is that there over 15 different species that you can catch from the shore.

 Out of all the Species, the Offensive Linemen like Spotted Bay Bass has to be my favorite. The hit the fly like it owes them money and the initial pull is so powerful. We like to say the fight is won or lost in the first 10 seconds of the battle. Other species that we catch include Yellowfin Croaker, Sand Bass, Halibut, Corvina, Corbina and even Bonefish. Yes I said Bonefish. Depending on the time of year we can fish many different styles as well. Early in the spring we can sight fish for Corbina at time or throw poppers for busting Corvina early in the morning during summer

 We like fish six to seven weight fast action fly rods with special floating lines. By special in mean Shooting taper or switch lines that make in much easier to cast a long distance and cover water. Sometimes we will add a five to 10 foot PolyLeader to help keep our flies near the bottom. If you don’t have any of this gear we will be more than happy to provide you a set up for the trip. So next time you’re in SD weather in winter or sumer you should give Mission Bay a try.



Short Session (3 hours)     $225

Each Additional Angler      $25

Half Day (5 Hours)             $350

Each additional angler       $50

*all trip prices are set for one or two angler with an additional charge more anglers

*$200 Deposit is required to secure you day

What We Provide

-All rods, reels and gear
-Leader, tippet and flies
-Stripping Basket
-We can provide waders and boots but our selection is limited

What You Will Need

-Fishing License
-Lunch or snacks
-Hat and polarized sunglasses
-Wader and boots (Winter), Board Shorts (Summer)

Please call ahead of time at 858-500-2761 or email at for availability or more information

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Walking, Wading, and Casting in Mission Bay

Join us, and experience one of San Diego's most easily accessed fishing resources on foot. Mission Bay fly fishing is extremely rewarding, and very challenging at the same time, especially when you are pursing fish in less than a foot of water.