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The New Meridian Is Nasty

scott meridian rod review

Hide the kids, hide the wife, things are getting just down right nasty out on the water.  After the force majeure that the Radian was when it burst out on to the scene two years ago and then the very pleasantly surprising Tidal last year, we speculated that Scott was in a bit of a renaissance---one that has seen their rods moving to the top echelon of every category---we didn't know how right we were.   If you weren't paying attention Scott just officially layed down the law in the thunderdome and all saltwater anglers fishing other sticks better run for their lives and go sit under a palapala hut with a cuba libre (which doesn't sound bad about now) and cool their heels.  You certainly won't be putting you fly on fish like the guy in your boat with one of these. 


Okay, can you tell....we are now all in on Scott.   If you haven't cast one do, if you haven't bought one, you're missing out.  If you dont believe me.....I never owned a scott before the G2 because quite simply there was always a better option in every category in my we have our shop stuffed to the gills with them.  They just are dominating everyone out there on design and performance right now.  Sure there are some great other options, as there always are.  Arguments can be made to prefer a rod in most categories or a certain situation but in large Scott is now the school yard bully laying beatdowns in every direction while people stand about a bit disoriented.

So I'm going to just put this out there and wait for someone to prove me wrong.  The Meridian is the best saltwater ever if you are at the top of your game.  Again, yes I said ever.  Now there is one huge caveat, if you aren't a great caster you are much better off with the Tidal.  

If you're a competant angler the Meridian series fly rods are gonna be you're favorite heavy duty fly rods.  Custom Type 3 hard coat anodized aluminum seat with double knurled oversized lock rings and self-aligning hoods Stripping guides: Titanium Snake guides: Recoil snakes Case: woven graphite rod case clear coated for protection fitted with a machined cap and provided with an American-made partitioned cloth liner.  These fast action full wells rods will get you on tarpon, bonefish, GT, redfish, permit, or whatever species you favor.  We even had some input here at the shop on the design and testing of the 11 weight and are working on a top secret pelagic rod that will really be a stunner later this summer.

scott meridian best flats fishing rod

These things are just down right fishy.  With the strong butt section and a smooth transitional flow to a soft tip you have all the makings of a rod that performs well at all distances.  In short and  Long cast at a daisy chain of tarpon while being bounced across the Florida Keys by huge gusts of wind...totally crushed it.  A gentle presententation to a midrange permit...again....done and done.  This rod has all the light weight features of the radian style technology and the hardcore saltwater fisherman desires built right into the design.  I want them all.  I have cast 4 of them and love each one more than the last.  Jim.  You are now my fourth favorite person in the world.  Hat's off to the Scott Rod company. You can check out the Meridian on our website. Click here.