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Scott Tidal Review

Scott just keeps pumping out category favorites.  First it was the s4s, then the Radian, now the Scott Tidal is making a very strong statement in our mind at grabbing the best salt rod for the money category. Jim Bartschi is really at the top of the industry and the top of his game at the moment.  We are seeing his best and it is enjoyable to watch and better yet to fish.  While the Radian last year came out with all the industrial buzz of a top end rod the tidal has caused a little sizzle of its own, albeit at a lower temperature.

The rod is designed to be more of an easy transition caster to a guy or gal who are not veterans of the flats.  When the wind starts blowing,  the boats drifting, and ghosts of fish chase across the water, the last thing you want to be concerned about is...are you going to be able to time a casting stroke just right to not blow your shot.  It takes a lot of time on the water to get good at mastering an elite salt rod and fishing scenario.  For most guys who take a vacation once a year to tropic water or guys who just don't like the stiff tip flex haulers everyone seems to put out now, the Scott Tidal is a great castable rod that drives line and get flies out there even when your stroke and double-hauling isn't optimal.

The components are all top notch as Scott always does with all their equipment.  In this case even going so far as to put the same guides on this rod at $475 that Sage put on its high end salt offerings.  The cork handle and reel seat are just a step down from where the Radian sits but at this price point for a rod that cast so well there had to be something that wasn't perfect.  We took this rod in a 7 weight out to do a little surf fishing in San Diego for this review and were able to land flies on the money and had more than enough backbone to break the will on several large runs.  The same weekend we loaded up the bass boat and we headed out to Lake Henshaw for carp and it was a dream.   Casting dry carp flies out with easy load and landing them on the nose of slurping big uglies was stellar!  We added two of these to our guide boat and it has become the favorite rod of our carp and bass trips for customers.

To be more clear this rod doesn't just have attractive qualities to more novice casters, there are some really great reasons to use the Tidal as a very experienced saltwater guy.  Adding a fill in size, providing a little margin of error, having an easy casting rod on fishy days or carrying a backup rod on big travel trips are all great reasons to scoop one up.

These rods are just going like hot cakes even through the holiday season.  Take an opportunity to get one for yourself.  And if you are considering getting into carp fishing for the first time have a visit with us as this rod is our number one suggestion for getting after the smelly mud suckers.


scott-fly-fishing-tidal-rod review