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Tacky Fly Box Review

tacky fly box and logo

A fly box is like any other fly box right....for us that answer is wrong!!

For a long time CLIFF fly boxes have had a broad industry appeal but a new and unique player is out on the market, Tacky Fly Boxes. They came up with a simple but very impressively executed idea. Creating a good box that allowed anglers more time fishing and less time messing about with all things that make fly boxes frustrating at times. Stacked up flies, bulky boxes, stuck hooks, used up foam, ect. They created a very nice holistic product that works well to keep your flies organized, in good shape, and readily at hand.

Strong Tough Construction from High Grade Polycarbonate

The boys at the Tacky fly fishing company tried all kinds of other materials first: aluminum, other plastics, and bamboo. But, the tough and tumble nature of the poly, with good price points and a nice ability to have a clear view of flies while closed, made it the best choice for the job.


Close it Up Nice and Tight with Magnets

While almost every box out there uses latches, snaps, buttons, or straps, these guys grabbed some magnets and said "why not." It was a clever and again well executed idea. The magnets aren't very heavy, they have nice strong closure, and do a great job of keeping the lid closed when you want it closed. The very nature of other boxes almost always leads them to fail or break at some point....I have a whole stack of simi-broken boxes from years of fishing...these guarantee to not have that issue.

tacky fly box slits

Lastly a New Type Of Insert, Silicone

This is probably the simplest but best idea in the whole box. They offset every row for a nice more negotiable space and a tear drop shape works well for dropping in and out of the slots. The silicon however was genius for one great reason...durability and longevity of the usage. Unlike foam that degrades and looses shape and falls apart as you put variable size hooks in, the silicon goes right back to form as soon as you pull that big pats rubber leg out. You can literally put a zebra midge in right after you pulled out a crazy Charlie.....why you would be fishing a Crazy Charlie in your midge box I don't know, you might be an innovator, or you might be an idiot...but you can do it. The box can hold up to 168 of your best bugs. While the world won't be set on fire with a new fly box and a fish might not know the difference, for an angler and easier, better, and longer lasting fly box is something no one can pass up. With a great price point for fly boxes these days and an even slimmer profile than your average fly pattern keeper it is a steal.  GET ONE NOW  *******update  Now this great fly box is available in a smaller size with some new options day pack tacky box.

- Aussie

tacky fly boxes upright view