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The Fly Stop Pro Team Ambassadors

All Fly Stop Ambassadors share two things in common, not only total passion/knowledge of fly fishing, but also a strong desire to share their knowledge and help others learn the sport. Please reach out and connect with them, book a trip, read their articles, or just check out current conditions. All our Ambassadors are personal friends that we know and have fished with, and their feedback/reports/input are a direct finger on the pulse of both the industry as well as conditions.

  • Elizabeth Donahue

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    Elizabeth is a San Diego-raised and Bozeman, Montana-based angler and lover of all things outdoors. Raised on the banks of the mighty Henry’s Fork of the Snake, Elizabeth spent her childhood split between San Diego-school year Varsity athletics and summertime trout seasons with the legends of the Henry’s Fork river at Andy Puyans’ Fly Fishing Seminars where her father taught stream side entomology. She was double hauling by 10 years old, and had solo landed her first 25” Ranch rainbow by 14- you could definitely say she was ‘hooked’ early. The realization that technical trout angling is about as much fun as a girl can have prompted her to move to Island Park, Idaho at 18 to join the crew of Henry’s Fork Anglers. It took a single day- and one massive Corvina- in the Bay for her to fall in love with her home town in a brand new way. With a perspective rooted in conservation, ecology, and traditional fly fishing techniques- and a vivacious personality only sunny San Diego could produce- Elizabeth is a rare blend of angling expertise, athletic mindfulness, and adventurous spirit. She is proud to be a member of the team at The Fly Stop!

  • Sam Vasily

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    My name is Sam Vasily and I am the Owner/Operator of The Sierra Troutdoorsman Guide Service. I was born in Bishop, Ca and have been luckily enough to spend most of my life living in the Eastern Sierras. I developed a passion for fishing at a young age. It wasn’t till the age of 18 till I started fly fishing, and it now has become my life long passion. Today at the age of 28, I enjoy sharing my passion and experiences with other anglers on the waters that I love to fish. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to be able to teach a unique sport in such a beautiful environment, and also to see people learn to catch and release the amazing fish in our area!

    There are many opportunities in this area to access the best Fly Fishing California has to offer. I offer a variety of different trips to accommodate your angling desires, From Walk & Wade, too Boat trips. My Boat trips are done on a top of the line 20' Center Console Fishing Boat. All trips are all Inclusive, all I ask you to bring is your fishing license for the day of the trip and a pair of Polarized Sunglasses. I am also the Head Guide at Ricks Sport Center's in Mammoth, and you can contact me at the shop as well. My Passion and Knowledge for fly fishing in the Eastern Sierras is something I enjoy to teach & share.

  • Dave Neal

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    The Hookset:
    I grew up in Northern California and fish and game have been an important part of my life ever since I can remember. My formative years were spent chasing bluegill and smallmouth bass in granite quarry ponds and small creeks within bicycle range of our home near Folsom Lake. My summers were spent camping and lining crawdads out of Lake Tahoe and stalking brookies and wild rainbow trout in the surrounding mountain streams.

    To say fishing kept me out of trouble when I was a kid would be a fair assessment, although it did lead to a mild state of arrested development and profound lifelong habit of pursuing fish species.

    The Big Adventure:
    At the age of 26, after the dream of becoming a professional cyclist didn’t work out I packed up my fly rods and skis and followed a girl to the ski town of Mammoth Lakes along the beautiful Eastside of the Sierra. This region is a high mountain paradise with endless fishing, hunting, skiing, camping and exploring adventures! Possibly the best adventure of all – was with the girl. She soon became my endearing and wonderful wife and later, the mother of our beautiful daughter.