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Tibor Fly Fishing Reel Reviews

What more do in need to say about Tibor than they were designed by Ted Juracsik with input from Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot but I will try. Tibors reels just feel solid and well made. If I were to drop one on the deck of my boat, not that I have one or twice, I would check my boat first to make sure the deck is not damaged before I check my the Tibor. Tibors are just that well built. Put a ultra smooth and robust cork drag system in the mix along with minimal maintenance. That makes for on great reel. There's no wonder why Tibor's have 250 world records to their name. From the Riptide that puts bonefish and steelhead in there place to the Gulfstream that can show a large tarpon a thing or two and even the Pacfic that can tackle the big Makos off the West Coast. When I am chasing yellowtail, dorado or yellowfin it seams like I am alway reaching for the rod that my the Tibor in the reel seat.