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Fly Shop with Hand-Tied Fly Fishing Flies

What exactly are fly fishing flies? Fly Fishing Flies are artificial fishing lures used to catch all species of fish.  They are constructed out of a variety of both natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials can include, but are not limited to, a variety of feathers, fur, and hair.  Most feathers come from animals such as chickens, ducks and turkeys.  The fur usually comes from rabbits and foxes, and hair from animals such as deer and elk. Synthetic materials are man made things like foam, which is used to make fly fishing flies float; and lead, which is used to make them sink.  Any good fly shop like The Fly Stop will have all these materials on hand and can give you guidance on how to get started tying your own fly fishing flies.  A good fly fishing store will also be able to show you how to use the tools necessary to create these works of art.

Our fly fishing shop was founded in May of 2006 with one purpose: to provide high quality flies like and a wide-range of other carp flies and trout flies at lower prices.  In addition to our online fly shop, we also have a retail fly store located in beautiful and sunny San Diego, California.  We have grown to include over 1,500 fly patterns ranging from a tiny Griffiths Gnat to a massive Baby Chicken. We also have over a hundred dedicated tiers and staff to support our mission.  All of our discount flies are tied by us, for us, with no exceptions, making The Fly Stop the most unique fly fishing shop in the U.S.

The bulk of materials that are used in the production of our fly fishing flies are purchased from Fly Men Fishing Company, Hareline, The Bug Shop, Wapsi, and Whiting Farms.  By sourcing components from some of the most recognized and established names in the industry, we can assure top quality components in every fly we tie.  With our customers in mind, every order shipped is sorted, quality checked, placed in crush proof plastic bins *not bags*, and labeled to corresponding photos of each and every fly purchased. This eliminates guessing as to which flies are which upon arrival.  The value-pricing we are able to offer is based solely upon volume sold, and therefore we can scale our sales to you, our fly shop’s valued customer.

We are also in direct contact with fly fishing guides and pros across the world, and are continually developing new patterns in order to make sure that our customers are buying proven fish-catching fly fishing flies.  As a result, we will always have the latest and greatest fly patterns before anyone else in the industry. Don’t worry, we’ll continue carrying our tried-and-true, ever popular Parachute Adams fly and Blue Winged Olive Parachute. At the end of the day this helps our customers catch more fish, by constantly making available their go-to choices as well as offering new patterns to present in any of their favorite fisheries.