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Fly Fishing Pacific North West Jetties

Jetty Fly Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

When most fly fishermen think of the Pacific Northwest, it conjures up imagery of winter steelhead in pouring rain or coastal cutthroat on a rocky beach. There is, however, another vibrant fishery hidden in plain sight on the fringes of the region. At the openings of many harbors in the Pacific Northwest are artificial jetties and each of these structures offers access to a unique and underrated opportunity in fly fishing. These jetties are home to different types of pacific bottomfish such as lingcod, greenling, and countless species of rockfish. Most fishermen associate these species with offshore fishing using heavy conventional gear, but they visit the shallow, nearshore zones more often than many anglers realize and are very willing to take a properly presented fly.

Native Trout

Western Native Trout

The Western Native Trout Initiative decided to put on a challenge to celebrate these magnificent fish in their native habitat.  There are 12 participating states with a cast of twenty native trout and char.  There are three levels of completion, Expert Caster, Advanced Caster and Master Caster.  To qualify for the first, level Expert Caster the angler must catch six species across four different states.


Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing


So… 2020… after all we as humans have been through this year here comes a big flash of excitement and energy. Pyramid Lake Nevada is opening to fishing on November 2nd. Normally this place opens its season on October 1st with enormous cutthroat trout chasing down huge bait balls of Chub mimicking days out on the ocean chasing boiling yellowtail or bonito. Better late than never so here we go. 


Mammoth Lakes Fishing Report 9-15-20

East Walker River Fly Fishing

Unfortunately with all of the fire all National Forest Campsite and Recreation areas have been closed which limited the number of locations that we have to fish and camp in the Mammoth lakes area. The areas that you can fish are Crowley Lake, Upper Owens, Lower Owens, East Walker and Bridgeport Reservoir. The good news is that most of these areas are fishing great right now.

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