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We Couldn’t stop at just flies. now carrying everything but the fish!

Beads, Eyes & Coneheads

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  1. 3D Holographic Eyes

    3D Holographic Eyes

    These domed eyes have always been great sellers so we have expanded the size and color range. The SUPER PEARL is an amazing color. It is a semi transparent hue that is influenced by the color it is placed over and yet keeps its super pearl qualities. You will love them!
  2. Aluminum Sea Eye

    Aluminum Sea Eye

    These light weight dumbell are great for larger pike or tuna flies. Add 3D Holographic Eyes to add more pizzazz to your flies. Med use 7/32" eyes, Lg 5/16" eyes
  3. Baitfish Heads

    Baitfish Heads

    The Baitfish Head is a weighted head with a realistic baitfish profile and unique design features that make it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of streamer patterns. Quick and easy to tie, this groundbreaking innovation in fly tying offers an exciting alternative to using dumbbells or cones to weight your streamers. Quantity per pack: Small (10); Small/Medium, Medium (8); Large (6)
  4. Brass Cone Heads

    Brass Cone Heads

    Quality brass cone head beads made for fly tying. Great for streamers, Muddler Minnows, Woolly Buggers and other baitfish. 24 per package.
  5. Brass Eyes

    Brass Eyes

    The quickest way to add action and weight to any pattern. These Brass Barbell eyes come in a full range of sizes to meet your tying needs.
  6. Cyclops Brass Beads

    Cyclops Brass Beads

    Add a little weight to any of your favorite nymph patterns with some Cyclops Beads.
  7. Double Barrel Popper Bodies

    Double Barrel Popper Bodies

    Fish-Skull Flymen Double Barrel Popper Bodies are constructed of soft foam with a smooth, durable outer skin. The recessed eye socket provides a place to secure and add 3D eyes, creating a lifelike fly. Other features include the tail socket to insert tailing materials, a deep cup to bury body materials, and an extended lip.
  8. Double Pupil Lead Eyes

    Double Pupil Lead Eyes

    These lead eye are the same as the normal leads eye but with a little more pop. There is a major emphasis on the pupil.
  9. EP Crab And Shrimp Eyes

    EP Crab And Shrimp Eyes

    Beautiful mono filament eyes with long stem for attaching to hook.

  10. Fish-Skull Fish-Mask

    Fish-Skull Fish-Mask

    The Fish-Mask is a weightless, clear version of the Baitfish Head that provides a clean, simple, and effective alternative to creating heads with epoxies. A realistic baitfish profile and the ability to take on the color of body materials make it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of weightless streamer patterns. The Fish-Mask range is designed to be exactly fit all the sizes of Living Eyes (a #4 Fish-Mask uses 4mm Living Eyes, a #5 Fish-Mask uses 5mm Living Eyes, etc.).
  11. Fish-Skull Living Eyes

    Fish-Skull Living Eyes

    Designed with photo-realistic holographic technology and high-resolution images of real baitfish eyes, this comprehensive range of fly tying eyes includes colors and sizes designed to fit everything from smaller trout patterns to huge predator-style flies. Quantity per pack: 3 mm - 7 mm (20); 8.5 mm - 10 mm (16); 15 mm (12)
  12. Fluorescent Brass Eyes

    Fluorescent Brass Eyes

    The quickest way to add some pop and weight to any pattern. These Flourescent Brass Barbell eyes come in a full range of sizes and colors to meet your tying needs.
  13. Howitzer Popper Heads

    Howitzer Popper Heads

    Flymen does it again! If you've tried the Double Barelled popper heads from Flymen, this is their newest option for a streamlined popper. Tie it as a traditional popper using trailing feathers and hackle, or jazz it up with a trailer hook and extended body hackled with hen cape in Gallop style. This foam popper head creates a commotion on the water however you use it.
  14. Killer Caddis Glass Beads

    Killer Caddis Glass Beads

    Killer Caddis Glass Bead are our got glass bead for tying midges, caddis and other small nymphs
  15. Metallic Lead Dumbell Eyes

    Metallic Lead Dumbell Eyes

    Add a little extra pop your favorite Clouser, Bay or Bonefish fly with the Metallic Lead Eyes from Wapsi. Four different colors and 10 per pack.
  16. Nickel Plated Lead Dumbell Eyes

    Nickel Plated Lead Dumbell Eyes

    Lead eyes are used when you need some extra weight on the front of a fly and are tying a pattern that can use eyes. Lead Eyes are hour glass shaped and are cross tied to the shank of the hook.
  17. Plastic Fly Rattles
  18. Plummeting Tungsten Beads

    Plummeting Tungsten Beads

    Tungsten provides way more weight for its size than any other material on the market. So if you feel like your normal bead head Copper John is not getting down deep enough then give a try with a tungsten bead or two.
  19. Pseudo Eyes

    Pseudo Eyes

    Tie them in and you have it all. Brass Barbells with built in colored eyes with pupils.
  20. Slotted Tungsten Beads

    Slotted Tungsten Beads

    These Slotted Tungsten Beads come in some awesome salmon and steelhead colors, they drop like a rock, and the slot feature allows you to easily get them around the bend of the hook or right up to the eye of a jig hook. 20 beads per pack.
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Beads, Eyes, and Coneheads, are used on flies from beadheaded nymphs, to a variety of streamer and saltwater patterns. They are a very effective way to add weight to a fly when needed.